Javanese Cat Breeders in New Zealand

Javanese have a long, silky coat, that comes in a variety of colors. Javanese cats, like their Siamese relatives, are noted as being very intelligent and talkative. Similar in coat style to the Balinese, Javanese are pointed cats that fall outside of the typically accepted point colors seen in Balinese cats (seal, blue, chocolate and lilac). They are very social cats which can become depressed if they are left alone too often. They are generally very playful pets, and are markedly good at jumping. Please note that the above information was taken from Wikipedia.

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Casebrook, Christchurch City, Canterbury     Yes kittens available
027 229 5650Email
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Ashburton, Ashburton, Canterbury     Yes kittens available
643 308 5807Email
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New Lynn, Waitakere City, Auckland     Yes kittens available
021 042
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rakesha cattery

Pakuranga, Manukau City, Auckland     No kittens available
09 576 8128Email
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