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Hillsborough, Auckland City, Auckland

For enquires contact Judee Vidal on:
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Breeder History
Seacliffe Siberians breeds low-allergen Siberian cats in Auckland, New Zealand. Our Siberians are pedigreed, and bred from lines with no known history of HCM or PKD (heart and kidney diseases). Our breeding adults have been selected for their low allergen levels (Fel d1 protein) as well as their appearance and temperament. We are the only Siberian breeder in New Zealand that tests every kitten for their level of Fel d1, the protein that triggers most allergies. This test occurs when the kittens are 12 to 13 weeks old, after which we match each kitten to the most suitable home, based on the level of allergy symptoms. We raise kittens in our home where they get lots of social interaction with us. They are playful, affectionate and, of course, extraordinarily cute.

Cat Breeds

Kitten Information
Kittens currently available for purchase
Kitten viewings are available
Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in a low-allergen Siberian kitten.

Kitten Purchasing Information
When sold, kittens are :
 Vet checked Wormed
 Flea treated Vaccinated
 Microchipped Come with food vouchers
 Come with information pack Pedigree certificate
 De-sexing contract Delivery in NZ
 International delivery

Conditions of purchase : Copy of pedigree and registration will be supplied on proof of desexing.

Payments accepted :

Other information
Description of breeding queens: (1) Kotchera Cecilia Seacliffe, (CFA Grand Champion,)low-allergen brown (black) classic tabby. Registered with TICA and CFA. (2) Seacliffe Hoku, brown (black) tabby. Registered with TICA and CFA. (3) Starport Ksana of Seacliffe, low allergen seal lynx (tabby) point with white. Registered with TICA

Description of breeding studs: (1) Angara Harlequin of Seacliffe, low allergen blue lynx (tabby) point with white. Registered with TICA and CFA. (2) Seacliffe Felix, low allergen brown (black) tabby. Registered with TICA.

On 05/07/13 Catherine (Oregon, USA) said:
"Elmo is big, powerful and fluffy, with a calm and cheerful disposition. He pads down the hallways chirping greetings to us and loves to be with his people. Elu is the playful hunter, always willing to chase or jump for a ball or toy. He has a quick attack! Kevin says they are thunder and lightning! Even with several family members with allergies and asthma we have had no problems with these beautiful boys."
On 05/07/13 Janette (Christchurch, New Zealand) said:
"Alfie has fitted in extremely well and quickly into our family and is very tolerant of Ollie and Luke and enjoy their company. He loves company, and loves to snuggle in for cuddles and pats."
On 05/07/13 Kirsty (Auckland, New Zealand) said:
"We are absolutely delighted with our new kitten, Alexander. He's a real sweetie and has coped beautifully with our noisy household and kids. As an asthmatic with a major cat allergy, it's been wonderful being able to introduce a cat into our home without the usual debilitating side effects. "
On 05/07/13 Jeff (Auckland, New Zealand) said:
"Remy is doing really well and we love him to death! He's such a great kitty. And such personality."
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