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Breeder History
Registered Breeders of fabulous ragdolls for 13 years, we have a breeding and boarding cattery in Parau, West Auckland. Our 2 queens, Willow & Lacey will be breeding again now in July, so will both have fabulous pure bred kittens mid September. Willow already has a waiting list, so be quick for a kitten from her.

Breeder is CATZ registered.

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Our seal bi-colour queen has 6 kittens, almost 4 weeks old, and Lacey our Lilac queen has 4 babies. There are more due very soon from Sky & Willow.

Kitten Purchasing Information
When sold, kittens are :
 Vet checked Wormed
 Flea treated Vaccinated
 CATZ Registered Pedigree certificate
 Delivery in NZ International delivery

Conditions of purchase : deposits are required to hold a kitten, and is completely refundable if we cannot let you have the kitten of your dreams, which has never ever happened in 12 years of breeding.

Payments accepted :
Cash Cheque Business
Cheque Personal Eftpos
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Other information
Breeding awards: We have many breeding awards, and many of our off-spring are overseas as breeding ragdolls, and are also very successful show cats.

Description of breeding queens: Blue Point, Willow. Lilac Point, Lacey.

Description of breeding studs: Seal Point Jimi.

On 04/04/13 Estelle Thorpe said:
"March 2013 We are the proud family of Baci and Mia, Baci is nearly 1.5 years old and Mia is our newest little fur baby at close to 5 months. When I first started doing research into getting a Ragdoll around 2 years ago I never thought that I would not only end up with a houseful of them but I would also make two very special life long friends in Alison and Roy! What makes owning a Ragdoll from these two people so special is that you feel part of a new family when you take a kitten home. You can tell from day one that Alison loves all of these creatures so dearly and just like a mother she loves to hear from you with news and updates on the fur babies. Alison and Roy have all the information anyone would need and they are so happy to help whenever and wherever they can. I have a very busy household in Auckland with two preschoolers at home (both active boys) when Baci arrived. It would not be possible to find a breed more placid and able to just adapt to an active noisy family overnight. Baci not only loved it but thrived in it from day one. I was so worried that he would not cope with the action but he is right there with us every day climbing trees, hanging, watching Diego and he is a regular at story time each night with my eldest son. So much so that he pushes the door open with his paw if he has heard me start the story without him! Mia (our first little girl) has been with us just over a month now and she is amazing, it is so nice to have another girl in the house and she has taken her place immediately as our Rightful Princess. She is a real Mummy's girl and everything is pink for her. What a little friend she is to me, she'll help with washing, tea time, making the beds, I cannot imagine my life without them now, when the boys and I arrive home from school and kindy they are both at the window waiting for us, to see what fun we bring home! I'm a regular user of the cattery at Keepin Katz and I wouldn't leave my babies anywhere else. When Baci comes home it's like he has not been away. Love Estelle, Aaron, Caleb, Evan, Baci and Mia xxxx"
On 23/03/12 Lisa Carpenter said:
"Cocoa and Yeti snuggled up together. Almost 6 months, big happy healthy kittens. Still chase each other all over the house. They Enjoy their weekends away with us up north at our Bach and we all adore them. Thanks so much for breeding such stunning cats, Lisa Logan Carpenter and Family. "
On 27/09/11 Denise & Alan said:
"Hi Alison & Roy We wanted to write you a short piece for your website and tell everyone how wonderful your raggies are! 2 and a half years ago we were looking for a cat and came across your website, we called and you had kittens so we came out to see you and fell in love with our 2 ragdoll kittens from Trixie and George a cute little girl and a beautiful boy, we thought about names and came up with Neo Mia Cara (my new best Friend for the boy) and Keiko (beautiful one) for the girl, you let us use these names for the pedigree. About a year and a half later we were fully in love with our furry babies and thought we needed another! So we called again and put our name on a waiting list for your next litter. 3 days before we were due to get married you called about a beautiful stunning blue point boy Rafferty who's home had failed, so you sent pictures and our hearts were won! We picked him up and bought him home and he starred in all of our wedding photos, such a confident young man he was. Neo and Keiko took to him straight away! This year we were lucky enough to buy another girl from you, a seal lynx- Princess Amidala, she is now 4 months old and so affectionate, she is usually found purring and cuddling in bed with either me or Alan or the other furry family very confident and loves to join in with the big boys. We had to buy a Californian king size bed to accommodate them all, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Alison and Roy you have been fabulous and when ever I have had any questions as an (over) caring mum!! You have always been patient and advised! We love all our furry family they have settled into our family, with us and our 2 welsh springers, I am sure Raffi thinks he is one of them sometimes! Ragdolls are excellent pets, cuddly, floppy, intelligent and funny and we are so pleased we found your website! Thanks for everything! Denise and Alan, Neo, Keiko, Raffi, Obi & Ami and woof woof from Chester & Flint!!"
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