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Breeder History
We are breeding lovely, very cuddly and healthy Siberian kitten. We breed all colors and patterns. All our breeding cats are imported from Russia and Europe, were the Siberian cats came from. We are breeding the highest standard you get in New Zealand, from very different bloodlines. Our cats are low in FLD1 and suitable for most allergic customers. All our cats are PKD tested and free! We raise our kittens as a part of our family. Come along and have a visit and get your popular kitten.

Breeder is CATZ registered.

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Kitten Information
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Our Kittens leave us if they are 12-16 weeks old, so you get the most benefit of them. By this time, they are very good socialized. We raise our kittens as a part of our family. Our kittens leave us with one vaccinations, desexing contract, several times wormed, flea treated, a pedigree and a box of goodies. Siberian Cats are very cuddly and cute. They are the perfect family cat, But of course they are also good for singles...We do offer Sample testing to see if your are allergic, or just come along and see how you react. For people who are keen on FelD1 testing, we can arrange this as well. Siberian Cats have a medium long hair, witch is easy to handle. If you brush them once a week, the will look brilliant! Our Kitten are very smart and clever and have a great, almost dog like personality. We are breeding Siberian Purebreds Cats and have a very high standard. All our cats are tested for most cat diseases . Like all other forest cats, Siberian grown slowly and it takes up to 4 Years until they are full grown. Girls are about 4-6 kg and boys about 5-8 kg. Visitors are always welcome to visit our cats!

Kitten Purchasing Information
When sold, kittens are :
 Vet checked Wormed
 Flea treated Vaccinated
 Microchipped CATZ Registered
 Come with toys Pedigree certificate
 De-sexing contract Delivery in NZ
 International delivery

Conditions of purchase :

Payments accepted :
Cash Cheque Personal
Eftpos Online Payments

Other information
Breeding awards: we have several breeding awards from oversee, several time Best in Show, best litter, best variety all our breeding cats are from award winning lines.

Description of breeding queens: We have a range of colors in our queens; black-tabby,Creme tabby,Creme smoke, seal tortie ,Blue, and we have 2 Queens Neva masquerade

Description of breeding studs: We have 2 male cats for Breeding.
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